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The wish to change arises when you continuously feel dissatisfied, unmotivated, under- or over-challenged. Apprehension often indicates that the next step in your development is approaching.

The pressure to change comes when you and your employees are confronted with demanding and diverse challenges in your professional and personal everyday life.

In such cases, coaching, training, analysis of potential as well as process consultation can support you to act diligently and react masterfully and appropriately.

Perhaps you already know which would suit your goals and situation. If not, I will gladly advise you in a preliminary session. Please contact me without obligation.

What approach for which aims?

Coaching: Professional accompaniment in change processes which involve a conflict between personal aims, roles and job requirements (for individuals, teams, groups).

Training: Professional promotion and development of skills and competences for your job.

Process Consultation: Professional support in change processes and cultural development processes with your organisation.

Personnel Diagnostics: Professional support in the selection of personnel and individual analysis of potential.

What solution is best for you depends on the issue. Perhaps a facilitated workshop, appreciative inquiry or an Open Space event could be the next step toward your goal.

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